My adventures with mixed digital media...
Digital Watercolour Again
My adventures with mixed digital media...

For some time since my course ended a few years ago I’ve worked on developing my artistic style and portfolio and will probably be making new work and editing for some time before I’m really happy with its direction. I know that I really need to work on creating consistency as I’ve been pretty experimental in the last few years as I decide what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve even dabbled with learning 3D sculpting, vectors and some basic animation.

I am getting pretty happy with my current Illustration methods which involve mixing traditional media with watercolour pencils and coloured pencils and refining things in Photoshop on the scanned in images. There are things I love about using traditional media that I think digital still can’t beat, but then again there are things that digital is great for as well, so why not get the best of both worlds.

The other day I decided to upgrade to Rebelle 2, which is a digital watercolour painting software, mainly because they have introduced PSD support, custom brushes and pressure sensitive brush strokes (essential in my opinion) as well as masking and selection tools. It also lets you lock alpha on a layer, which is really useful. I have to say I’m pretty happy with it, it is a huge improvement over the first version of Rebelle and I am going to incorporate it more into my Illustration process.

Rebelle 2 test Rebelle 2 test


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