Plans for the future

I have been working on Illustrations and designs for my portfolio for several years. During these years I have been finding more of a direction and purpose. I am going to start a visual development blog here on my website, and I will keep adding case studies of Illustrations and patterns.

I’m also developing a web comic based on an original story I’ve been working on for three years. I want to set up a website for it eventually but in the mean time I will post updates on the development stages.

Here are a few sketches of one of the main characters:

The story is set in a fantasy world with four main characters. I won’t say anything more here, but if you are interested please keep following my blog updates here on my website and please subscribe to my newsletter. You can also follow me on my Instagram page, where I will be posting sneak peeks and sketches as well as drawings and illustrations I’m working on.

Thanks for reading.

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