Medieval Rabbits


Patterns based on medieval tapestries and rabbits with a modern twist.


Medieval tapestries were the inspiration for this project. In particular the beautiful Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. I found reference for the project by looking in books and on the Internet. I sketched lots of rabbits in my sketchbooks and played with different approaches before deciding on a cute cartoon look, reflecting the cartoon style in Medieval art. I borrowed some of the poses for the rabbits from examples I found as well as making up my own. I also decided to incorporate some floral elements inspired by folk art and flowers from the Medieval tapestries.

I decided to make the pattern with Affinity Designer (a vector design software). I used medieval reference to inspire the colour palette.

Medieval rabbit pattern illustration development stage

Here are some videos of the drawing progress I recorded.

Once I had enough elements for the pattern I started to arrange some of the elements together and make them into a repeating pattern. Starting with one main motif I made this seamless before adding elements to fill in the gaps.

Motif for medieval rabbit pattern

Seamless pattern development for medieval rabbit pattern development

After I was happy with the design I proofed it to check the flow of the pattern and made adjustments as necessary.


I made one pattern with three background colour variations.

Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Brown Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Blue Background Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Yellow Background

I also made a small series of small spot illustrations during this project to play with composition and colour.

Rabbit in a forest of fireflies spot illustrationSpot Illustration of a rabbit eating a carrot in a field of flowersSpot illustration of circle of rabbits inspired by Watership Down

I will make some more variations with the elements I didn’t use for this pattern and make these patterns available in my Spoonflower shop as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.