Plans for October

I’ve joined CG Cookie to help level up my art skills. My goals are to learn enough basic polygonal modelling skills in Blender to actually make something with it. A character would be awesome, but I’ll settle for a rock. I also want to level up my 2D art skills and get more of a grasp on lighting in particular.

I’m keeping off social media (Twitter) after realizing what a waste of time and energy it is. I keep seeing reports of how lonely and depressed social media is making people feel and honestly we could all do without it. Reading about bad news is a sure way to lower your energy levels. I have found that action is the best remedy. Keeping busy with a hobby or a past time is much better than getting sad about how many followers you have or don’t have, and worrying about sad events beyond your control. Besides which we all only have 12 years to clean the planet up…

I’m working on my personal project in conjunction with the skill building. My partner has written a story based on my initial ideas which I will be developing concepts and illustrations for.