Mushroom Modelling

I’m making some progress learning polygonal modelling in Blender since my last post. I managed to make a set of mushrooms on a bit of wood last night.

I began learning 3D skills so that I could inform my 2D work with lighting reference and help with perspective. Since I’ve been learning it it has been bringing more fun and challenge into my process. I’m thinking it would be cool to mix 2D and 3D art together. It’s fairly strange that I’m only getting around to learning the 3D skills. It was texturing 3D meshes for fun when I used to play the Sims (an old computer game) that first got me interested in learning digital painting. I used to paint on top of the texture maps in Photoshop 6 with a really small non-pressure sensitive tablet pen (basically a mouse) and make my own designs based on my favorite characters at the time. It was a lot of fun seeing them come to life in the game. Hopefully after some more lessons I will learn how to do this for my own 3D designs.

the sims textures
Very old work I did