Dodo 3D Paint Over

This is my first Illustration using 3D paint over technique so far. In case my mum is reading this, A paint over is when you use a rough 3D model to help work out basic lighting, view angle and then paint more details over it in Photoshop or a similar program with a drawing tablet.

I wanted to start developing ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed project and decided to start with the Dodo.

First I made some design sketches with MyPaint and a base colour side profile using Affinity Designer.

Dodo Sketch Stage

I used a program called Archipelis Designer to make a rough 3D model using the side profile image.

Dodo 3D light and viewer

This is the 3D object with the rough texture applied lit in Blender. I then saved the dodo render without the floor or background as a PNG image and brought it into Photoshop.

Dodo Render in Blender

After that I corrected some colour contrast issues and did a paint over adding more details and cleaning things up (image on the left).

The image on the right is what happened when I tweaked it a bit with Sprite Dlight.

3D Dodo concept Illustration

And here is a test style from the image I made using FotoSketcher to test a more traditional look. I’ve recorded the process stages for this. Part 1 of 3 is here.

FotoSketcher vintage pen Dodo style test