Digital Painting Study in Krita Portrait of a Gypsy Woman

Digital Painting Studies

I’ve been doing some digital painting portrait studies lately. I often do observation studies in both traditional and digital mediums to try out different techniques and explore different subject matters and themes for designs and illustrations I’m working on. It helps me learn more about colour, form and design and consider different creative solutions.

Jude Law Krita Digital Painting Study
Digital Painting Study in Krita Portrait of a Gypsy Woman

If you want to learn what digital painting is you can read one of my latest articles I wrote here on digital brushes. In a nutshell it is the same process as hand drawing or painting from scratch but done on a computer with a pressure sensitive drawing tablet.

I can experiment with colours and mark making more conveniently by using digital media than with just my coloured pencil set. I don’t currently have space to do traditional oil or acrylic painting so I like to try similar techniques using digital media.

I currently use an Ugee 2150 IPS monitor tablet and desktop computer to do my digital painting. I vary the software I use from Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop and occasionally ArtRage and Rebelle depending on the techniques and mark making I want to use. Over the years I’ve tried lots of different software.

I’m pretty interested in experimenting with new software’s and I like to keep an open mind, but the workhorse programs I use are currently Photoshop and Krita.

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