Introducing the Art Squirrel

The Art Squirrel is a blog on Medium where I write about art, Illustration and digital art techniques. I’ve been making a little squirrel mascot for it using 3D software as a way to learn Blender in my spare time. This way I have a little character I can pose and make little blog illustrations with if I want to as well.

My modelling skills in Blender are in early stages so I’m also using royalty free 3D models in my scenes at present, but the plan is to create and texture my own models for the scenery as well. I’m working on a little forest at present.

Art Squirrel Illustration 1
He needs a name..

This is the first full Illustration with the squirrel mascot in so far. It goes with an article I wrote yesterday: Some Techniques for using Digital 3D Art Software for Digital 2D Painting, Illustration and Design workflows.

I was inspired by Tony Harts, Morph for this illustration. I grew up watching his program as a kid.