squirrel 3d sculpture

Digital Sculpting: Squirrel Part 2

Here is the continued progress of my latest squirrel 3d digital sculpture. I’m still using a program called 3D Coat to do the sculpting in. I will also paint the texture in this program after I am done with the modelling part.

In my last post on this project I blocked out the main forms of the squirrel using “voxel” sculpting. After that I added more detail to the forms whilst still in voxel mode until I got to around 100,700 polygons, adding eyeballs and hair to the head and pulling out patches of fur on the body.

squirrel 3d sculpture squirrel 3d sculpture

After this stage I decided to switch to “surface” mode in 3D Coat. My original plan was to do this using Blender, however I decided it would be good to learn more about 3D Coat for now so as not to get confused with different workflows. Surface mode lets you access different tools for sculpting and is better for adding finer details. I began to work into the fur details and the eyelids.

3d squirrel sculpture 3d squirrel sculpture

In the latest session I continued adding fur details using the draw brush and the clay brush. I also went back into “voxel” mode and fixed some of the proportions of the squirrel before going back into “surface” mode again. Voxels are useful because they create meshes with variable volumes, wheras in surface mode you are working with polygons. 3D Coat is very flexible in that you can go back and forth between these modes.

The picture below is where I am with this so far. These are default material shaders that come with 3D Coat. I still have to detail the tail with more fur. After that is done I will increase the polygon resolution so that I can further refine the details and work on the eyeballs.

squirrel 3d sculpture work in progress

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