Rock Earthworm Jim 3D render

Experiments with 2D to 3D

This week I’ve been making 2D sprites into 3D models. I’ve figured out how to do this by trial and error and experimenting with various software after I discovered that depth maps or height maps could be made into 3D meshes. You can read about how I did this below, or just scroll down a bit further to see the pictures.

Nerdy bit:

I’ve known a few ways of making normal maps from 2D sprites for some time. Last week I learned how to turn the normal maps into depth maps and then how to make the depth maps into 3D models. If you want to know more about this I have written a detailed article about it on my “Art Squirrel” blog here:

2D images to 3D models

I also asked my sister Katherine if I could try doing this with one of her Earthworm Jim pictures and she sent me this one to use but as a transparent PNG without a background:

Rock Earthworm Jim

Today I made a 3D model using it and these are some renders and a video showing some of the progress.

If you are into Earthworm Jim you might be interested in a comic Doug TenNapel made as a Kickstarter project which is still available if you are quick: Here.

My sister will be starting work on the sequal later in the year as chief colourist extrordinaire (not sure if that is what her title is but I think that will do).

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

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