squirrel colour ideas blue hair

Digital Sculpting a Squirrel: Part 3

It has been around a month since my last update on this. I’ve worked on weekends and a few evenings for this project because I’ve been working on an Illustration project for StoneBaked Games during the weekdays.

I’m finished with the sculpting process for this model. I used 3D Coat for the sculpting and I will be painting it in 3D Coat as well.

Here are some videos of some of the sculpting process I uploaded to my YouTube channel:

I did an auto retopology using Bake My Scan and Blender to make a lower resolution mesh which I then UV mapped in 3D Coat.

UV map for squirrel sculpt

Here is a picture of a retopologised mesh with the normal map and ambient occlusion textures baked ready for painting.

Squirrel 3D Sculpt baked textures

I’ve done some basic flat colour concepts for the palette I will be trying.

squirrel colour ideas brown hair squirrel colour ideas blue hair

The next stage is painting. I’ll write another post when I’ve done that.

squirrel ready for painting in 3D Coat

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