Hood Turn-around Drawings

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood: 2

In this post I’m going to talk about the early stages designing one of the characters for an Illustration project I’m working on for Stone Baked Games. I’m writing a series of short articles describing the art development for the project.
Hood is based upon Red Riding Hood but she has a few differences in this story.
My initial sketches were quick and loose so that I could try different ideas without getting bogged down with accuracy and details. I was thinking about shape language and attitude of the character. I decided to set the characters in a fantasy medieval world so I studied medieval clothing. I also studied photo reference for poses that conveyed similar attitudes the characters might express in the story. I went in a more stylised direction for the art but using reference is very important to understand how clothing and anatomy works.


Deciding to go in a more stylised cartoony direction I developed these sketches:

I tried some different hairstyles and Hood shapes. I wanted her to look a bit edgy, youthful and friendly. Working out how character could move around in the Hood was interesting. I decided on arm holes for the Hood so that drawing her in action poses would be easier because she has a few toward the end of the story.

Hood Turn-around Drawings
Hood Turn-around Drawings

This is the final design for Hood. I made turn-around drawings for her so that I would have reference for drawing her in different angles in different scenes of the story.

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