Wolf character development sheet

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood: 3

I’m going to talk about the early development stages for one of the characters from an Illustration project I’m working on for Stone Baked Games. This time I’ll be showing some of the development for a character called Wolf.

Wolf is loosly based on the Wolf from Red Riding Hood but there are key differences. The character is heroic, a warrior and female and the best friend of Hood. Nothing like the original fairy tale really.
My early sketches explored an idea for the character I had to make her a hybrid human wolf, a werewolf if you like. Some scenes in the story require her character to do things only a humanoid character could do, so I thought that was most logical.
Initially I rejected the idea of making her head wolf like, which in hindsight was silly, but I was unsure of how I would be able to pose her and create expression with a straight up wolf for the character. I researched about the mythology of werewolves and wanted to bring more Celtic influences into her design. I went with a Torc neck ring as the most obvious reference to this.
Later on I tried a version of the character with a wolves head and decided I liked the direction for that after all. I thought it would contrast more with Hoods character and be more interesting than another human character.
I decided to make her anatomy more wolf like as well. You can see the sketch I did in this picture below along with early turn around tests for the earlier human version and some observation sketches of wolves I made.
Wolf character development sheet
Eventually I mixed elements of the previous human design I had done with the more wolf like aspects to create this design.
Wolf Character Final Turn Around Sketch

This is how the character looks in the illustrations. Some elements were simplified so that she would be easier to draw in different angles and poses. I made the daggers she carries into a fang like shape and kept the Torc around her neck as an allusion to some Celtic spirituality.

I kept the grey and yellow colour scheme and the light hair.

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