The Adventures of Wolf and Hood: 4

I wanted to write a little about the research and development that went into the earlier stages of the Illustration project I am doing for Stone Baked Games. In this post I will talk about a scene where Wolf and Hood are getting ready for their adventure.

I made a lot of study sketches and did research for this scene. First I made notes and quick sketches in my sketchbook for the things I thought needed to be in the picture.

I was looking at reference for Cob style houses and old thatched houses for inspiration for the picture. Here is a digital stylised study I made of the outside of a house.

Old House Thatch Cob style

I experimented with 3D software to get ideas for how their house might look inside. I started with a software called Room Arranger before deciding to learn the basics of Blender and use that instead. I used low poly models I found on the internet (some I bought and some were free) to quickly build a scene in 3D space which I could then try lighting in.

I used the 3D mock up as a guide for drawing out the line drawing but I did not trace it or paint over it for the final Illustration because I wanted a stylised look. Everything was hand drawn and hand painted. I used a free program called Carapace to generate a perspective grid from the 3D mock up scene which I then used for laying out my drawing. I changed quite a lot of things from the 3D mock up to the final picture for this scene and I didn’t really use the lighting either, but I worked out where the light sources were and painted it accordingly.

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood (a jigsaw tale) has a new website:

Be sure to take a look for information, screenshots and videos about the new game.

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