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The Adventures of Wolf and Hood is Launched!

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood is a Fairy Tale based Jigsaw video game by Stone Baked Games available on Itch.io now! It is their first commercial game.

The Game was officially launched yesterday on Steam and Itch.io by Stone Baked Games.

I did 20 original Illustrations, icons and a map for this game all based on an original story by Elena Johnston.

The Adventures of Wolf and Hood adds unique twist to the traditional jigsaw puzzle game formula by including a fairy tale story. Rather than the series of disconnected stock images common to the genre, Wolf and Hood is more
like an interactive picture book, with the pages becoming revealed as the jigsaws are solved.

Game Description
The Adventures of Wolf and Hood is a fairy tale story told through 20 beautiful hand illustrated jigsaw puzzles.

Completing each jigsaw gradually reveals a picture book style story following familiar fairy tale characters in a brand-new adventure. Once a puzzle is complete the joins between the pieces melt away to allow the player to zoom in and admire all the details in the scene.

Subtle animated elements bring each scene to life, and the whole story can be viewed in Gallery mode as the scenes are unlocked. A range of jigsaw sizes lets the player fine tune the game playing experience to make it as chill or challenging as they like.

Team & Credits
Tim Waskett – Design and programming (sole member and Director of Stone Baked Games)
Christine Garner – Art (external collaborator)
Elena Jonston – Writing (external collaborator)
Alan Zaring – Music for scene 5 (external collaborator, other music licenced from filmmusic.io)
Tim Whitehead – Puzzle completion sound effect (external collaborator)

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