Geoffrey the Sea Turtle

Last Pieces of Art for 2020

Happy New Year!


I managed to squeeze out a few more pieces of art before the end of the year.

This year I’ve been learning 3D sculpting as well as completing art for a narrative jigsaw puzzle computer game. If I’ve learned anything over the years it is to always try new things with art. You really don’t know if you will like doing things or whether they will be useful to your workflow until you give them a go.

There have been lots of techniques and approaches I’ve tried so far in both traditional and digital mediums. Some have been useful and I’ve continued to develop them. Some have fallen by the wayside, perhaps they will be useful one day though.

I don’t regret trying different things, it is better to keep busy, learn new skills and keep developing existing ones.

Something I will be experimenting with more in 2021 is combining drawing and painting with my 3D work. I’ve been learning new techniques to do this.

Going forward I would also like to learn a bit of 3D rigging and animation so I can pose my characters. I have personal projects and aims I will continue to work on in 2021.

Thanks for reading this!

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