Getting Organized for 2021

I’m currently planning what I’m going to do this year regarding art and Illustration but I have completed one new project this month.

I made an animation using a program called Ebsynth.

You can read more about the technical process behind it here.

If you follow me on Twitter you may already know about another 3D project I am currently working on. I’m making a series of dinosaur sculpts. The first one is an Anklyosaurus.

Anklyosaurus Anklyosaurus

I want to do more 3D sculpting and painting this year. This does not mean I’m abandoning drawing and painting, far from it. I’m incorporating new techniques into my 2D workflow. I do really enjoy the process of 3D sculpting though.

I also need to reorganize my website gallery system because I’m still not happy with it. After I’ve done so I will be showing some more artwork from the project I completed last year “The Adventures of Wolf and Hood”.

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