Some things I’ve been working on

I apologize for the lack of blog posts here lately. I’ve been busy working on new things for my other website “The Art Squirrel“.

Last month I completed an Illustration that combined 3D sculpting and digital drawing / painting techniques and wrote an article about how I made it.


I have a personal goal to illustrate all of the articles I’ve written so far for The Art Squirrel, but it is more of a soft goal really. You can keep up to date more in real time with what I am doing if you follow me on Mastodon.

I’ve been learning 3D sculpting and trying to figure out how to fit it into my workflow. At present I’ll be using it as a concept and Illustration tool rather than making 3D prints or 3D assets until I figure out the ins and outs of the technical requirements.

I’m more focused at present on drawing and painting than 3D sculpting, but I do have future plans. Sorry to be somewhat ambiguous about this but they are still in development.

This weeks sketching theme (set for me by me) is “rabbits and hares”. I’m not sure what I’ll be drawing next week yet, but I’m aiming to draw something different every week.

bunnyrabbitclipstudiopaint hareclipstudiopaint

In other news I made a few more resources available on my Gumroad shop, including handmade texture sets.

carbon, conte and colour pencil texture sets for G'MIC

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