Working on Personal Projects

This year I am taking some time to work on personal projects and get back into practicing more 3D sculpting skills. I still want to illustrate my own story based projects but doing 3D work feels really interesting to me and keeps the burn out at bay.

In a way I am still in an exploration phase but I feel more focused after all the years of trying a little bit of everything. I aim to keep an open mind regarding technology and art. I am settling into a workflow that suits me more but I’m keeping an open mind to learning as I go.

I have been developing my digital painting style to be looser because I find that way of working more enjoyable nowadays and it is less stressful on the hands. This isn’t to say I’m not combining other techniques and experimenting though, I’m still looking into things like normal maps and want to try combining my 3D work with 2D Illustration techniques more as well.

Recently I did a painting using a digital painting program called Rebelle 5 and absolutely loved working in it because it almost felt like real painting with the improved colour pigment mixing system.

I wrote a blog post about the Rebelle software on my art blog recently.

I have been very impressed with another software called Krita over the years and I still use it all the time, however it still feels more “technical” to paint with than the Rebelle software although the new brush engine is an improvement and allows for more expressive painting than before.

Siamese Fighting Fish Painting

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