Hi there! My name is Christine Garner, currently living in Shropshire, UK.

I have a passion for digital art and Illustration. Self taught, I come from a traditional 2d drawing background but I love trying different digital art methods as well from digital painting to vector illustration and 3D software to see what I can create. I like to experiment and mix different techniques.

Digital Painting

3D Dodo concept Illustration
Digital painting Gold Fish studies
Happy squirrel family
Garden bird Illustrations. Robin Blue Tit Goldfinch and Sparrow
Chicken Illustrations digitally painted
Squirrel Logo
Goldfish Study

Vector / Mixed

Flying Toucan in the Dawn Forest
Flying Toucan in the Night Forest
Toucan Eating Fruit in the Dawn Forest
Save the NHS Armadillo
Mermaid title scene
Mermaid Alphabet Layout
Shells and fish


Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Brown
Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Blue Background
Medieval Floral Rabbit Pattern Yellow Background
Seamless repeating pattern with deer flower and squirrel elements on a light background
Chicken Illustrations digitally painted as a seamless pattern