The stages of a commissioned Illustration project and what to expect
The stages of a commissioned Illustration project and what to expect

My Illustration Process

If you have not already, please take a look at my portfolio to see if my Illustration style is a good fit for your project. I can bring a lot to an Illustration and am good at taking direction with a professional attitude.

Stage 1: brief

Schedule Squirrel

When receiving an email about a new Illustration project I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This will help the project go well and give me a good understanding of who you are and what you need from me.

I may take the time to ask further questions to determine what rights you need for the Illustration(s).

Pricing Illustration depends on many variables. Each project is unique and requires different license rights depending on what it is for.

Unless you need other uses, the base license I grant my images at is an exclusive license for one time use in one country only. Extra license uses can be discussed.

Squirrel Scroll

Stage 2: sketches

I will take all the information you gave me and use it to research and make concepts for your Illustration(s). Time spent in this stage depends on the complexity and deadline needed for your project. When I have made at least 3 rendered sketch ideas I will submit them for approval as 72dpi JPEG(S) with notes.

Stage 3: revisions

2-3 rounds of revisions are normal. If I have to go over this there may be a charge.

Sweeping Copy
If the project gets cancelled at this stage, the initial deposit covers it. If there has not been an initial deposit (say for an editorial deadline) then it may be subject to a kill fee.

Stage 4: final artwork

With the sketch(s) accepted I will ask for your written sign off and proceed to the final art production.

Painting Squirrel

The final art won’t stray much from the direction of the approved sketch except it will be to final quality. I will submit a 72dpi JPEG(S) image for approval.

Stage 5: delivery

Delivery Squirrel

With the final image approved and payment received you will receive the production ready art files. Artwork rejection at this stage is subject to a kill fee as discussed in the accepted terms of the project.

Stage 6: feedback


I like to get feedback from you to make sure everything went well and I can use your feedback to improve my process.
Any more uses required for an image in the future can be discussed with me after completion of a project.

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