Chicken stock art preview

I’ve been working on several Illustration projects lately. As some of you may know, I’m developing some illustrations for stock art purposes and hopefully I will be selling things on […]


Brief I wanted to create a pattern based on medieval stump work embroidery. Process I started this pattern design by drawing out a motif by hand on a sheet of […]

Medieval rabbit pattern illustration development stage

Brief Patterns based on medieval tapestries and rabbits with a modern twist. Process Medieval tapestries were the inspiration for this project. In particular the beautiful Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. […]

Toucan mouth openset

Brief Colourful and friendly illustrations based on Toucans. Process First I looked in books on wildlife and on the Internet to find out about Toucans. I wrote my own description […]

Mermaid Alphabet Letter A Preview

I’m working on a mermaid themed alphabet. This will be available as stock art later in the year and as a little alphabet book. Drawing mermaids playing and twisting into […]