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Digital Painting Study in Krita Portrait of a Gypsy Woman

I’ve been doing some digital painting portrait studies lately. I often do observation studies in both traditional and digital mediums to try out different techniques and explore different subject matters […]

Snail pattern design stage 1

I’m working on another pattern design themed around snails. The main design elements have been roughed out and sketched and now I’m working on the first building stages in my […]

Mushroom Party Pattern

“why did the mushroom go to the party? because he was a fungi…” anonymous I worked on this hand drawn design featuring different types of mushrooms after being inspired by […]


I’ve designed some more patterns based on rabbits. I gave these a festive feel as well. They will be available at my Spoonflower shop in the new year. I’m busy […]

Floral Unicorns

I made a new pattern with unicorns in it. If you would like to see it on fabric visit my Spoonflower store.


It is nearing that special time of year when everything is festive. I’ve been busy working on new projects for my portfolio. Over the last few days I decided to […]