Texturing an Axe in Blender exercise

I couldn’t think of a better title for this post sorry. I’ve been making progress with the Blender fundamentals courses on CG Cookie so far and I’m really enjoying the […]

Mushroom Modelling

I’m making some progress learning polygonal modelling in Blender since my last post. I managed to make a set of mushrooms on a bit of wood last night. 3 Mushrooms […]

I’ve joined CG Cookie to help level up my art skills. My goals are to learn enough basic polygonal modelling skills in Blender to actually make something with it. A […]

Sparrow on a Bench

While I am working on my personal project I am also learning 3D skills by doing little projects I put on Sketchfab from time to time. Sparrow by Christine on […]

I’ve been busy working on things for my personal project and I’ve started a blog called “The Art Squirrel” on Medium where I’m writing about things mainly related to digital […]

Daily Painting Studies by Christine Garner

I’ve been working on my Tale of Stone project and doing daily digital painting studies using Clip Studio Paint. I’ll be posting the occasional study on my Instagram and twitter […]

Forest Fairy views

I have written some new articles on Medium, posted new artwork on Instagram and more updates on my personal project.