3D Skills Progress and Small Update

My sincere apologies for the slow updates on this project. I am busy learning additional skills that will help me with my Illustration work in general and with this project. I’ve also been working on new pattern designs recently. Life gets in the way etc.

I’m getting closer to my 3D art ambitions. I wanted to be able to make the backgrounds and test camera angles and lighting conditions for Illustrations with 3D software. I’m getting more confident with Blender 3D in this regard. If you are interested in my progress be sure to check out my blog as well. I’ve posted a few updates lately.

tea cup lines

I’ve also been improving my knowledge of digital rendering techniques with digital painting and trying different vector art techniques. I can’t show you much yet, but I’m still excited about the project. Thanks for waiting while I get all this together. To anyone who has shown support /interest of any kind I would like to say thank you, I really appreciate it.