Development Log for June

This month I’ve been doing a lot of research and development for my story based Jane the Elf project. Narrative art and comic art is not something I have focused on before in much detail so I’ve been using this personal project to learn and try out things.

I found these useful resources which have helped:

TimMcburnie Art

Story Drawing Skills

I’ve also been working on learning more about environment design and perspective drawing for this project. I have books I’ve been going through on the subject (Its always good to brush up on this stuff):

  • Perspective Made Easy: Ernest R. Norling
  • Perspective for Interior Designers: John Pile
  • Framed Perspective 1 and 2: Marcos Mateu-Mestre
  • How to Draw: Scott Robertson

I also looked into how architects do things for some tips and found some cool resources:



Interior deign and architecture is another subject I’ve been reading up on, especially neolithic, bronze age, viking and medieval. I’ve been getting back into archaeology for this project which is nice. I’m still passionate about learning about ancient civilisations and technology. It’s good to know my degree is useful for something and I’m enjoying the research stage of this project.

I’ve been planning and researching for Jane’s house and making a floor plan to help with the story development. I found a software called Room Arranger as well which is handy for making basic 3D scenes based on floor plans. I also came across map building software called Other World Mapper which I am using to help plan the world I’m building. I decided it would be a nice compliment to Affinity Designer as you can import your own graphics for your maps as well.

As a tangent to the perspective studies I have also been looking into 3D software. I want to use 3D as a tool to help me visualise environments and architecture from different angles like Jason Brubaker does for his comics.
I also found an artist called Katy Wood who uses Sketchup to make her backgrounds for comics. I tried Blender about a year ago for the first time and I’m still learning the basics. I’ve figured out how to move the camera and adjust lighting and try different rendering effects. Learning 3D modelling is a challenge but I have found useful resources, and I’m following tutorials on Udemy and tinkering around with different methods and software. A good video I found as an into to 3D software is this one:

Some of my images I’ve made with 3D in practice for this project so far are here: