Jane the Elf Meets Tale of Stone

Since finishing up the mermaid alphabet last week, I decided it was finally time to focus on this project.

I’m developing a story and building a fantasy world and characters for it as a way to learn and practice new skills and develop my style / portfolio. Jane the Elf is just a placeholder name at present, even that name may change. Jane the Elf has been floating around my brain since I was a child (I’m in my mid 30s in case anyone wondered) and I think it’s time I let her out to play before I go mad or something. Over the weekend I gathered up the sketches I’ve done over a period of time to try and give an overview of the sort of character “Jane” is. The style varies quite a lot in this picture because I’ve changed the way I work over the years from 2013 to now. The oldest picture of her here is in the upper left:

Jane the Elf sketch collection

I hope to improve my skills and get more consistent with my style by doing this project. Here are a collection of drawings from other unfinished projects which hint at the look I’m going for though:

Style constants in my sketchbooks so far

Around 2014 I started developing a story with four female protagonists called Tale of Stone which I now want to combine with my ideas for Jane the Elf so that I’m not thinking about two different yet similar projects and getting really confused as a result. The story (or stories) are set in a world with four distinct zones and main cultures, so its also a chance for me to get into my love of history, world cultures and mythology. I plan to mix and match existing world cultures and make my own fantasy world loosely based on them.

Here is my really rough plan I made:

Jane the Elf Plan

If you want to follow my progress on this then please come back to my website from time to time or subscribe to my social media (links are on the about page). I will try to post something at least once a month of my development sketches and concepts.

The ultimate goal at present is to develop some stories and artwork to the point where I can make a little webcomic or some spot illustrations to go with short stories. I like to write as well as draw, it helps me visualize my ideas.