Making a Squirrel in Blender

I’ve been learning some more 3D art skills in Blender by working on a mini project to create a squirrel mascot for my blog at Medium which I’ve called The Art Squirrel. The blog is mainly about my experience and exploration into art, illustration and digital art. It is a strange name, but I’ve stuck with it so far. The reason I called it “The Art squirrel” is that it is primarily about art and that squirrels collect nuts, which in this case I mean as a metaphor for collecting bits of information. The only problem with calling something after squirrels is that it makes your dogs go crazy whenever you mention it.


I decided to try making a very basic character model in Blender that I could then use in some illustrations for promotional art and blog header images. It is a very basic model I made using a combination of Archipelis Designer and Blender. After I created the initial mesh parts I assembled them in Blender and UV unwrapped them. So far I’ve been texturing him (painting over the model) using Blender and learning how to pose him by following some tutorials on YouTube. I had some initial success with a site called Mixamo and later I learned the basics of rigging in Blender and tried an add-on called Rigify which was very effective as well. I thought I should learn how to do rigging properly as eventually I will need to attach the tail onto the rig which was not possible using Mixamo alone as it is primarily for humanoid characters.


The reason I’ve put this in the Jane the Elf section of my website is that the story will feature squirrels a lot, so I can use this character in the story as well. It has given me some ideas already by working on this side project.