Making compositions in 3D

It’s still early days with my 3D development, but I’m getting good enough to make some basic composition block outs with Blender that I will use as reference guides to paint with later. I like working this way, it frees my mind up to try different things and I can experiment with lighting and camera angles. I tried some different tonal arrangements in Affinity Photo afterward.

Fairy composition tones1

Fairy composition tones2

I decided this one was my favorite out of these (although I did like the sepia version as well):

Fairy composition tones3

I want to keep learning more things with Blender. I made all of the things in this scene myself from scratch using Blender with basic modelling skills, but I want to keep improving in that area and try doing some digital sculpting as well. I think the painting in 3D space is really useful too. It lets me use my digital painting skills in a new way which may come in handy. I was getting a little bored in the 2D realm to be honest. I think it is good to try new things.