Painting a Stone in Blender

I’ve been learning more about digital 3d sculpting  and hand painted 3D assets during the week. I made this stone after following a tutorial by Grant Abbitt. His YouTube channel is easily one of the best I’ve found for learning Blender skills. He has some really good videos on the basics of texture painting as well.

Texturing a stone in Blender start

Texturing a stone in Blender end

Texturing a stone in Blender

It turns out that 2D digital painting skills are very useful for the 3d art workflow so I will be practicing more digital painting as well as learning the 3D stuff. I enjoyed the sculpting process as well. Originally I just wanted to learn enough 3D in Blender to use it as a block-in guide for helping constructing more complicated painted background illustrations for this project, but it is difficult not to get sidetracked when learning something new. I’ve been reminding myself of my original purpose lately by writing articles on the subject on my Medium blog “The Art Squirrel“.

My Experience Learning Blender Part 1

Some Techniques for using Digital 3D Art Software for Digital 2D Painting, Illustration and Design workflows

I’ll be trying 3D Coat again as well because I’ve heard it is good for 3D texture painting. I might have a go at the sculpting tools in it as well now I understand the basic workflow.