Planning and development continues

I’ve been taking somewhat of a break from my personal project ‘Tale of Stone’, as I said in my previous post but there are things which I started developing I didn’t show you up until that point.

I’ve still been thinking about how I’m going to do this project. My initial idea was to do it as a web comic, then I thought about doing it as an illustrated blog to lessen the scope a little. I also had an idea to do it as though it was for a computer game which is partly why I’ve been learning 3D art and cut out animation as well as looking into building my concept art skills. I’m still undecided on the format of this project and haven’t finalized the story which is why it has gone on hiatus. I think the best way to forge ahead with this would be to start with one off spot illustrations based on my current designs for now and work on a very simple story first before getting over complicated.

Here is some stuff I didn’t show from before now:

A mind map for planning a computer game format for the project.

Mind map project structure

A very early plan of Jane’s house done using Other World Mapper (maps help me plan out possible story elements and ideas and I thought it might be useful when designing the house for possible illustrations quickly).

Janes house plan map

A sketch exploring ideas for Jane the Elf’s house.

House development ideas for Jane

Some simple 3D mock ups to help work out Jane the Elf’s face structure from different angles.

3D tests for Janes head structure

I’ll update this project again when I have more of a clear direction.