Sculpting a Wood Mouse

I’ve been learning a program called 3D Coat over the last few weeks by watching tutorials and gradually applying what I learned to my own little practical project. I have used clay and polymer clay before, but this digital sculpting is fairly new to me. It is very similar to using clay, but you have to learn how to use the software first before you can really get creative.

I decided to make a mouse because it has a fairly simple form and it might be one of the background characters in this Tale of Stone project. I wanted to learn 3D Coat because I heard the sculpting and digital painting tools in it were very nice and I’ve had the educational version of it sitting on my desktop unused for a few years. Learning Blender gave me a little more confidence about the 3D art route recently, so I gave it a go. Although I have used Blender to do some very basic sculpting while I learn the ropes, 3D Coat is pretty cool and has some unique tools. Retopology was very easy to understand and do in 3D Coat considering I haven’t done it before. I’m planning on using both software’s together for different workflows to get the best of both worlds.

Small study of a Wood Mouse
Small study of a Wood Mouse

I researched Wood mice and did a little study first before I hand painted the textures for the 3D model.

I’ll be writing up a more detailed process on this project for my blog “The Art Squirrel” soon because I want to write a little bit about retopology and UV mapping.

Process of sculpting a mouse in 3d coat