Squirrel Mascot in 3D

I’ve managed to make a little 3D character using Archipelis Designer and Blender. I made the main body and the tail using Archipelis Designer, the arms and everything else in Blender. I had a go at re-topology with the tail (somehow it worked, I haven’t really got to that in my training yet) and then I UV unwrapped everything in Blender and painted it using the  BPainter add-on which made the process much nicer.

This is what the texture looked like after I finished painting him in Blender.

Art Squirrel Mascot Painted

I changed it to look like this after:

Painted art squirrel model

If you are wondering why the texture looks a bit different in the second picture, it’s because I ran it through one of the watercolor filters in FotoSketcher. I wanted a more watercolor look with minimum effort after the hard part of painting it in 3D. It worked pretty well on the UV texture islands.

Poses for the Art Squirrel

For the poses I learned the basics of rigging in Blender (after playing with Mixamo) and used a free add-on called Rigify which comes with blender, but you have to activate it in the settings. All in all it was quite a learning experience. I want to pose him some more and put him in some little scenes yet, but I thought I would show you where I’m up to so far.

Here he is in 3D:

Here is all the reference from previous squirrel art I’ve done by the way:

Sheet of Squirrel Designs

The next thing I want to work on for this project is some scenery like tree trunks, mushrooms, plants and rocks. I made some little studies with Krita of the sort of thing I’m thinking about doing.

Studies digital painting for forest scenery

A quick-ish tree stump and some mushrooms I made in Blender.

Tree Stump Blender lowpoly model Tree Stump Blender lowpoly model