Style Tests and Digital Colouring

I’m in the early stages of this project so there is still a lot of brainstorming and research going on, but I find that doing visual studies can help with this as well. Drawing things helps me observe and notice details that I wouldn’t if I just looked at them and it jogs my imagination. Many of my early sketches are very loose and more doodles than proper drawings.

I don’t want to waste time overly rendering things in this stage, but I’ve also been doing some style tests for the development of this project. I will be uploading some new videos later in the week on this topic. I’m trying to find a faster style for the presentation of these early ideas because digital painting is great, but it takes AGES to do, and I don’t think it’s practical for a webcomic format unless you have unlimited time and resources (nope).

research aztec dancer process

Jane the elf flatting colour