The Journal of Jane the Elf

I’ve been busy this month, but I have to admit that progress with this project has been sporadic and unfocused at best. I think one of the things I’ve been struggling with is the idea of making it into a traditional comic format. If I go with the comic format I have to think of a more detached and grander scale story format. With all the characters, side stories and different places in the story to draw that I have planned out, it will take years to complete in that format. I’ll be honest, I like working on lots of different things, and to get something like that done I would have to completely focus on it and nothing else. Unfortunately this is impractical for me right now.

I’ve had a better idea on how to go forward with this project that I hope will give me some more energy when working on it. I love being in my sketchbook and art journal-ling, but I also love to write. I have decided that I will tell the story as though it is a personal journal of the main protagonist. The story will be told as illustrated journal entries from “Jane’s” perspective on day to day activities and events.

Aside from that, I do have some more artwork to show. These are some sketches of a little forest fairy I did. There are lots of different types of fairy that live in the enchanted forest where Jane lives. These are moss fairy’s. They like to live in damp leafy places and eat small edible mushrooms. They have evolved a natural form of camouflage in the way their long hair mimics the appearance of moss and undergrowth. Generally friendly creatures, although they do object to being stood on or put in a salad.

Forest Fairy views