Trees and a 3D house

I worked on some tree concepts testing a more finished looking style for this project that I’m fairly happy with using going forward. Making the 3D tree was useful in this process to an extent, however I am wary of getting too sidetracked with learning 3D skills that I don’t really need to continue with this project so I’m focusing more on drawing and painting again.

Oak Trees coloured lineart style

Here is a video of some of the line art process for the trees:

I’ll be using the 3D for helping plan out backgrounds, but it will be used as a guide for the drawing process rather than the end result, due to the time consuming nature of 3D work and the learning curve needed. I am fairly confident that I have enough 3D knowledge in Blender to do what I set out to do with it now.

3D room view angles in Blender

I made these quick renders for a scene I’m planning of Bob the Gnome’s corner shop. I’ll be trying to fit 50 unique objects into this scene using this as a basic guide for the perspective. I used Carapace to draw where the perspective guides will go for the drawing process.

Carapace perspective guides tool