Trees and Plants

I started doing another course on Udemy recently to learn how to make environmental 3D scenes in Blender. The first few lessons have already been very useful, I’ll be able to make little 3D plants using alpha image textures for my sets.

I’m working on a tree at the moment which will involve digital sculpting again. This is the base mesh I made yesterday morning.

Tree Base Mesh Blender

I did some sketches last night in Photoshop to study the form and textures on old Oak trees more, because I want to make an ancient enchanted forest for this “Tale of Stone” project. I like all the gnarled and knobbly shapes but I’ll probably simplify it for the 3D sculpt project because it would take ages. Most of the smaller details will probably be done by the texture work process.

Oak Trees Studies in Photoshop

One of the main characters lives in a set of ancient ruins hidden under an old Oak tree, so I thought it would be useful to study Oak trees more closely. I’ll make some observation studies from my local area as well as use photo reference. There are a few nice Oak trees around the place. I’ll have to look into ruins and stones more as well, which is hopefully where my Archaeology research skills come in handy. Unfortunately we don’t have too many ancient ruins around where I live, but perhaps the industrial archaeology will be useful at some point in this project.