Tale of Stone

Tale of Stone is an ongoing personal project I started to try out some new skills. This is a log of some of the development.

Fairy composition tones1

Making compositions in 3D

It's still early days with my 3D development, but I'm getting good enough to make some basic composition block outs ...
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Poses for the Art Squirrel

Squirrel Mascot in 3D

I've managed to make a little 3D character using Archipelis Designer and Blender. I made the main body and the ...
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The art squirrel test concept

Making a Squirrel in Blender

I've been learning some more 3D art skills in Blender by working on a mini project to create a squirrel ...
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Janes house plan map

Planning and development continues

I've been taking somewhat of a break from my personal project 'Tale of Stone', as I said in my previous post ...
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tea cup lines

3D Skills Progress and Small Update

My sincere apologies for the slow updates on this project. I am busy learning additional skills that will help me ...
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Squirrel Tribe Member style test

Squirrel Tribe

I've been doing a little Illustration of one of the squirrels in the squirrel tribe. I have a lot of ...
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Jane the Elf Light renders

More Experiments with Lighting 2D art

I've been on a bit of a mission to learn this rendering technique which I wrote about here: Lighting 2D ...
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Renders in Sprite DLight of Jane the Elf

Testing different lighting effects

I've learned a new technique for using normal maps to light 2d art. Here are some examples on the illustration ...
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Coloured Illustration of Jane the Elf

Character Colour Illustration Test

I coloured the illustration of Jane in yesterday using an earlier rough colour test for a guide. I changed a ...
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Jane the Elf illustration before colour

Character Digital Painting Test

It has been a while since I took a sketch to full render, but I wanted to see what the ...
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Digital painting forest environment studys

Environment Studies

I'm concentrating on doing environment studies for this project right now. The focus is on enchanted forests for the time ...
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Forest Fairy views

The Journal of Jane the Elf

I've been busy this month, but I have to admit that progress with this project has been sporadic and unfocused ...
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Pose sheet for Jane / Fia the elf

Development Update for July

This month I've been learning more Blender 3D modelling basics to help with this project and I've been developing one ...
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Development Log for June

Development Log for June

This month I’ve been doing a lot of research and development for my story based Jane the Elf project. Narrative ...
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Jane the elf flatting colour

Digital Colouring Process Videos

I put two new videos up on my YouTube channel showing the process of basic digital colouring on a line ...
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research aztec dancer process

Style Tests and Digital Colouring

I'm in the early stages of this project so there is still a lot of brainstorming and research going on, ...
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Jane the Elf Plan

Jane the Elf Meets Tale of Stone

Since finishing up the mermaid alphabet last week, I decided it was finally time to focus on this project. I'm ...
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Jane the elf in the forest

Development Sketches: Jane

Here are some development sketches for the main character of my comic (Jane). As you can see I tried some ...
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Jane the Elf

Introduction to Jane the Elf

I am working on a mini web comic about a little character I've been writing silly stories about since I ...
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