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Update for October

I’ve been away on my holidays and now I’m back.

I’ve been learning new skills with Affinity Designer, drawing in my sketchbook, exercising and resting most of the time. I found out I’ve got a back injury called Functional Scoliosis which I’m now treating with an Osteopath after months of trying to fix it with stretching, exercise and NHS physiotherapy advice. Hopefully it will get better. My first session with an Osteopath last week got rid of the clicky left shoulder I’ve had for 12 years but I’m still in a lot of pain everyday. I feel more hopeful about it though.

Here are some Illustrations I’ve done recently.

Girl in a hoody Squirrel

Digital Painting Process

I’m working on putting another set of my brushes for Corel Painter together that combines my favorite brushes from my Corel Painter Mixed Media brush set. While I was working on the previews I came across some process pictures I made for the existing sets.

pencils and pastel corel painter brush set
watercolour corel painter brush set
dry acrylic corel painter brush set

I’ll be making some more illustrations and videos to demonstrate the brushes soon.
Thank you to everyone who has purchased the brushes, if you make anything with them please show me. There is also a free set of the oil pastel brushes available.

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